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void org::jblas::la::FloatMatrix::ensureResultLength ( FloatMatrix  other,
FloatMatrix  result 
) [inline, private]

Ensures that the result vector has the same length as this. If not, resizing result is tried, which fails if result == this or result == other.

Definition at line 1295 of file FloatMatrix.java.

References columns, resize(), rows, and sameLength().

Referenced by addi(), andi(), divi(), eqi(), gei(), gti(), lei(), lti(), muli(), nei(), ori(), rdivi(), rsubi(), subi(), and xori().

        if (!sameLength(result)) {
            if (result == this || result == other) {
                throw new SizeException("Cannot resize result matrix because it is used in-place.");
            result.resize(rows, columns);

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