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FloatMatrix org::jblas::la::FloatMatrix::put ( Range  rs,
Range  cs,
FloatMatrix  x 
) [inline]

Put a matrix into specified indices.

Definition at line 773 of file FloatMatrix.java.

References checkColumns(), checkRows(), columns, get(), org::jblas::la::ranges::Range::hasMore(), org::jblas::la::ranges::Range::index(), org::jblas::la::ranges::Range::init(), org::jblas::la::ranges::Range::length(), org::jblas::la::ranges::Range::next(), put(), rows, and org::jblas::la::ranges::Range::value().

        rs.init(0, rows - 1);
        cs.init(0, columns - 1);


        for (; rs.hasMore(); rs.next()) {
            for (; cs.hasMore(); cs.next()) {
                put(rs.value(), cs.value(), x.get(rs.index(), cs.index()));

        return this;

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